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Why You May Not Be Going For What You Want.

There was a time when singer Jewel was homeless and living in her van. Tragic right? Having no roof over your head like that. Or is it?

It turns out homelessness was a conscious choice.

When Jewel turned to her mother and said “Mom, I decided what I want to do with my life. I want to be a singer.” Her mom turned around and said something like “Well then you should quit your job and move into your van so you can concentrate fully on your music.”

She did it. She put everything on the line for her passion. She succeeded.

Clients regularly share their dreams with me. – Whether they want a new relationship,  salary increase, or career as a writer I say “Great! You’re dreaming big. Now what are you willing to do to get there?”

Therein lies the gap between people who have great ideas for a new product and people who make them. One group was ready to do all that it took to get there.

This question is a magical game changer. It has the power to either:

A- Kick you out of wishful thinking mode into purposeful action.

B- Weed out your wants from your real Soul Desires.

By nature we want more. Getting clear on which ones are worthy of your precious time and attention is a worthwhile endeavor.

If there’s anything you’ve been dreaming of ask yourself 2 questions now:

1- What will it take to get there?

2- Are you willing to do what it takes?

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