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Let your freak flag fly

  I never really felt like I fit in. I felt too NYC, sarcastic and edgy to fit in with the “peace and love new-agey” crowd. But too spiritual and deep-talking to feel a part of the typical urban scene. I started to hide parts of myself, straddling the fence keeping my mystical weirdness in [...]

Spiritual Fitness for Discomfort

I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for a while now. Some days my meditation practice gives me the ability to be aware of the pain without adding any fear or negative thinking to the equation. I just notice the pain but remain connected to the beauty and joy in my heart. Others I’m less successful. The [...]

Expand Possibility

The universe of your mind consists of 2 people- who you really are and who you think you are. When you get hip to the ego’s game of clinging to an identity that keeps you small or constricted you’re already on the road to inner freedom. Years ago I came to identify myself as a [...]

Change the Game

Be weird when others are “cool.” Be kind when someone is cold. Be open when others are shutdown. Be brave in a room full of fear. Forget what others do. Live by your own code and be the one that changes the rules of the game.

Break free

One of the most insidious, life-crushing lines is “but they said.” My mom said I shouldn’t be an artist. My boyfriend said I should just be happy with my career. My ex said I was too passionate. To walk a spiritual path you have to ditch the beliefs and “identity complex” that keep you stuck [...]