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Change the Game

Be weird when others are “cool.” Be kind when someone is cold. Be open when others are shutdown. Be brave in a room full of fear. Forget what others do. Live by your own code and be the one that changes the rules of the game.

Break free

One of the most insidious, life-crushing lines is “but they said.” My mom said I shouldn’t be an artist. My boyfriend said I should just be happy with my career. My ex said I was too passionate. To walk a spiritual path you have to ditch the beliefs and “identity complex” that keep you stuck [...]

Any day on this side of the dirt

For sure perspective is everything- there were days in my life when despair was thick and I didn’t see the point. Others when I was ecstatic just to smell flowers on the air. Last week I had a moment where for the first time I felt happy to feel my sadness. I welcomed it as just [...]

The Buddhist Belief that Will Change your Life

  There is a powerful concept in Buddhism called “Basic Goodness” that can transform your life in fundamental ways. In my 20′s there were 2 painful beliefs that haunted my mind. The first was “If they only knew me they would not love me.” The second was that I was somehow uniquely and irrevocably broken. [...]